Biomass Boiler Servicing

A Look at Biomass Boiler Servicing

Biomass boilers represent some of the most environmentally friendly means of heating your property. While these modern units are highly efficient, the fact of the matter is that they will still need to be serviced from time to time. What does this type of maintenance entail?

Warning Signs that Maintenance May be Needed

biomass boilerThere are several signals which could indicate that a professional servicing is required. Some telltale signs include:

  • A considerable amount of material within the ash chamber that has not burned.
  • Increased levels of thick, black smoke during operation.
  • A buildup of soot at the base of the combustion chamber.

It is wise to consult with a professional at ST Heating Services if one or more of these situations is present, as we will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue at hand.

What Does a Servicing Involve?

There are several steps associated with a professional biomass boiler servicing. The technician will first inspect the overall unit in order to look for any signs of trouble. It is also likely that he or she will remove any debris from the airway ports. Certain components such as the heat exchange unit may also be examined for signs of wear and tear. Any moving or sensitive parts such as bearings and seals will be scrutinised for signs of damage. They may be tightened and/or lubricated as necessary. Safety analyses will also take place to determine if the unit is operating at nominal levels. This can include measuring combustion efficiency as well as the types of gases that are emitted from the boiler itself. Please note that separate areas such as the chimney and the flue should be cleaned on an annual basis as well.

Why Choose ST Heating Services?

The engineers at ST Heating Services are able to provide a host of commercial repairs to customers throughout the North West and greater Manchester. While our biomass servicing options are indeed thorough, we can also offer additional options such as commercial heating services, plumbing, LPG installations, and even emergency call-out services such as if a pipe suddenly bursts.

We are registered with the Gas Safe scheme; ensuring and accuracy and efficiency are never taken for granted. If your biomass boiler requires servicing or should you suspect a problem, please contact one of our representatives to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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