The Benefits of Combi Boilers

Why combi boilers are the most popular boiler type in the United Kingdom
Combi boilers: every home should have one. We mean it. Martin Roberts and Dion Dublin concur with this view on Homes Under The Hammer. They save space, especially in smaller houses and flats. Energy efficiency is positive another aspect of combination boilers.

How combi boilers work

A typical control panel seen on many combi boilers. Image by Cegli (via Shutterstock).

Don’t You Love Being In Control? a Combi Boiler control panel. Image by Cegli (via Shutterstock).

Unlike conventional boilers, combi boilers enable you to get unlimited hot water whenever you want it. This is in contrast to conventional boilers which need to be heated up again, whenever you run out of hot water.

Conventional boilers need a cold water tank (often installed in the loft) and a hot water cylinder. The latter may be seen with a jacket to improve energy efficiency. Combination boilers can be fitted in the kitchen and they don’t need a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder. As they have less boiler parts, installation times tend to be quicker.

Disadvantages of combi boilers

Despite being the most popular boiler type in Britain, they do have some limitations. If you’re the sole occupant of your property, they are a boon. They come into their own in flats and terraced houses (which there are plenty of in and around Swinton). If, say for example, you have two showers on the go simultaneously, hot water pressure may be reduced. This depends on the water pressure in your home.

How much for a new boiler?

The cost of combi boilers themselves vary in price according to model, starting from £450. Please keep in mind any fitting and installation costs. There may be extra charges for new pipework and the exchange of your conventional boiler for a combination boiler.

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