Bank Holidays: The Worst Days for Plumbing Problems

Plumbing based DIY disasters make up for most emergency call outs on Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays leaking image by Elnur (via Shutterstock).

Spring Bank Holidays are the busiest time for plumbing related emergency call outs. Image by Elnur (via Shutterstock).

Did you have a good Bank Holiday Monday yesterday? Are you the kind of person who prefers to spend your bank holidays away from home? Do you prefer to spend the weekend in your caravan and have a barbecue? Or did you spend it all at B&Q (other DIY store chains are available)?

That’s enough mithering for now. Yesterday was a bit on the dull side in our neck of the woods, plus it bounced down during Britain’s Got Talent. For our industry, it is a busy time of the year. In fact, as far as plumbing based emergencies are concerned, Bank Holidays are the busiest days for our industry.

According to a survey from Zurich, the home insurance group, said that plumbing mishaps are a regular occurrence on Spring Bank Holidays. A 42% increase in claims are recorded on that day alone, with each repair job costing £2,790.

Phil Ost, Zurich’s Home Insurance Expert said last week: “Temperatures could be set to soar this Bank Holiday but for some DIY enthusiasts it might still end in a washout. We’ve found home insurance claims for accidental water damage almost double over a Bank Holiday.”

He also stated that doing it yourself, though a cheaper option, isn’t always feasible. In other words, he suggests hiring a professional plumber any day. Unless you are fully confident and skilled enough to do the job yourself. If you live locally, you can turn to us at ST Heating Services.

Apart from that, a nice weekend away in Blackpool or a day trip could be a better alternative than spending your precious Bank Holidays in a DIY store.