Avoiding Gas Boiler Woes This Winter

How to avoid being caught in the cold should your gas boiler pack in, in the worst possible time of the year

“Winter draws on… winter is coming… the two worst winters: Mike and…” (Cut! Before the estate of the two deceased comedians try to sue us). Ah yes, winter. A time of the year associated with snow. In Swinton, Salford, and the rest of the northern hemisphere, it is associated with Christmas. Also a distinct lack of buses on Christmas Day. If you’re unlucky, that time of the year when the gas boiler packs in. That is worse than a week’s worth of leftover turkey.

Gas boiler on the blink image.

Just when you needed to get some hot water, your gas boiler goes on the blink. Image by KKulikov (via Shutterstock).

There are several things in life that you cannot guarantee. One is the weather. Another one is being able to know when your gas boiler packs in. This is where ST Heating Services will come to your rescue. Before you need to call us, our Gas Safe Registered Friends at Boiler Guide have created this handsome infographic. The Boiler Guide is a nationwide database of trusted plumbers and heating engineers. To join, you need to be a Gas Safe Registered contractor.

The Boiler Breakdown Survival Guide

Our thanks go to the people at Boiler Guide who have created this infographic.

Gas Boiler Woes infographic.

A few more things to consider

Further to the Boiler Guide’s infographic, we also recommend fitting a carbon monoxide detector. In the UK, fifty people a year have died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas boilers. For the price of an Indian meal or two, it is a small price to pay to save your life.

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