Plumbing and Heating Services

At ST Heating Services, we can provide plumbing and heating services for commercial customers. If you open your property to the public, it may be worth having bathrooms installed for when nature calls. If, in particular, you serve food, it is worth having them so that your customers are able to wash their hands before eating.

It’s also important to keep a workplace at the correct temperature. Spending too long in a cold room can put people at the risk of hypothermia, especially in the winter months. Buildings constructed primarily of metal will become extremely cold overnight as they have little to no insulation. It’s important to make sure that the temperature is suitable for people to work in. As part of our heating and plumbing services, we can install boilers and heating systems for use in commercial environments. This includes warehouses and better-insulated buildings.

Commercial Plumbing & Heating Services

We can also provide regular maintenance and inspection to make sure your boiler is working properly, and not leaking anything dangerous like Carbon Monoxide, which originates from improperly burnt fuel. Sufficient venting needs to be in place to allow this gas to be vented outside, and away from the workers. Having a boiler serviced and inspected regularly also helps to detect issues before they become a problem, such as a boiler showing symptoms that it’s about to fail. Even in summer when you’re not using heating as much, it’s still a good call to have them checked.

If your boiler does ever fail, we can also come out, find the fault and get it fixed (or replaced if we really need to).

Whatever your commercial plumbing needs, call ST Heating on 0161 279 0137 or get in touch via email at for a quality, professional service.

Our heating and plumbing services include working with:

– Boilers & Burners
– Warm Air Heaters
– Radiators & Heaters
– Commercial Boilers and Burners
– Industrial Boilers and Burners
– Oil, Gas & Dual Fuel Boiler
– Services, Maintenance & Installation
– Pipe Services

Heating and Plumbing Services include:

– Emergency Call Out 24/7
– Heating Cabinets
– Commercial Catering
Boiler Repairs & Installations
– Pumps
– Tanks (Oil)