commercial-engineeringCommercial Engineering is a broad practice that entails all projects that result in the technicians earning money by offering technical service. These services include installations, repair, and servicing of machinery. Major specialities in commercial engineering include Civil Engineering, Recreation Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mixed Use Engineering. The most popular branch in this practice is Industrial engineering where we have experts in boiler repair, plumbing works, machine servicing, and steam plant maintenance works.

What Projects Do Commercial Engineers Handle?

It’s important to understand the projects that the specialists handle before hiring their services. Some of the major engineering projects handled by commercial engineers include:

What does it take to be a Commercial Engineer?

  • Planning of the industrial projects: This involves the sketching of the plans and land planning.
  • Zoning: This involves applying for specific exemptions and permits pertaining to commercial industrial works.
  • Surveying and feasibility Studies: They handle research projects before availing to the client the specifics.
  • Resource planning e.g. water management which is crucial in all industrial and commercial projects.

Basically, specialists such as the commercial heating engineers need to have experience in handling massive commercial projects. The engineer should have knowledge and skills of handling different aspects of the industrial operations such as machine servicing, inspections, and repairs. The commercial engineer should be in a position to help clients address their commercial needs. The expert is able to explain to the client on what parts of the machine need servicing, repair or replacing. Other than skills and experience, a commercial engineer has to be qualified and certified by the relevant engineering body.

What Fields Does Commercial Engineering Apply?

Normally, commercial engineers work on major industrial processes such as manufacturing and designing. Today, commercial engineers are useful in carrying out major technical works in commercial fields such as hotels and restaurants, banking sector, and shopping businesses. Overall, the tasks that the engineers handle in these fields include design, assessment, and grading. The commercial engineers are important for the community as they shape the layouts of our commercial and industrial sectors. Without them, it’s difficult to handle most industrial projects. They are instrumental in giving direction to the commercial sectors.


All over the world, commercial engineering is appreciated. The specialists in this field are able to provide important advice pertaining to major industrial operations and commercial decision making. They are involved in offering clients advice on land planning, machine operation, and infrastructure development.


Ever wondered how much do we spend on our heating bills each year? A survey from observed that the average household fuel bill has doubled since the year 2003. The regulator of GEM also warned that many households could soon face a challenge of unaffordable energy bills. Due to this, simple steps need to be initiated to aid in minimising hundreds of pounds of the annual fuel cost. Saving your heating cost does not necessarily require full house winter-proofing, but sometimes one only need to make a change in their energy consumption habits. A spokesman for energy supplier, N-power, said that if you wish to see a cut in your en

Nintendo announces that everyone’s favourite plumber is no longer a plumber

Mario, now a former plumber.  Image by MarySuperStudio (via Shutterstock).

Mario, now an ex-plumber, thanks to Nintendo’s announcement. Image by Mary Super Studio (via Shutterstock).

What’s the biggest news story you have heard this week? Brexit? Hurricane Irma? The demise of the Oldham Evening Chronicle newspaper? Bolton’s new bus station? Or the small matter of Nintendo’s iconic plumber?

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Why ST Heating Services says you should upgrade your commercial boiler as soon as possible

Commercial boiler upgrade

If your commercial boiler needs updating, talk to us for a free no-obligation quote.

Next April, there will be far reaching changes regarding the energy efficiency of leased commercial properties. From April 2018, no office block, public building, nor licensed premises, will be available for lease if they have an Energy Performance Certificate of ‘E’ or below, to new or existing tenants. With less than a year to go, now is the time to go for a more efficient commercial boiler.
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Could you write and perform a jingle to raise awareness of gas safety?

Jingle competition mixing desk image by Kristin Smith (via Shutterstock).

Music to our ears: a good gas safety jingle should be instantly recognisable in seconds, as per Installers First’s competition. Mixing desk image by Kristin Smith (via Shutterstock).

The greatest advertising jingles and jingle packages are remembered well after their shelf life. How many aged persons still remember the Murray Mints advert from 1955 (yes the “too good to hurry mints”)? Do you secretly whistle the old local radio jingles whilst sat on the lavatory? Are you singing “Have I got PPI dot com” to yourself on the bus out of Swinton? Does the number 745 9494 remind you of anything?

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Greater Manchester and Merseyside to pilot hydrogen gas conversion scheme

Runcorn: the start of Cadent's hydrogen gas future? Image by DMP Images (via Shutterstock).

In future years, Runcorn could be seeing a 100% hydrogen conversion. Cadent aims to begin its conversion project with the petrochemicals industry. Image by DMP Images (via Shutterstock).

Some readers of this blog may be old enough to remember the end of ‘town gas’. Back then, in the late 1960s, we moved from coke based gas to natural gas. Or they remember the Tell Sid adverts for British Gas shares in late 1986. In Greater Manchester and Merseyside, there could be another conversion. One from methane-based natural gas to hydrogen gas.

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Charlie Mullins, founder of Pimlico Plumbers, to be keynote speaker for 2017 Asian Apprenticeship Awards

Charlie Mullins, keynote speaker at the 2017 Asian Apprenticeship Awards. Image by Ms. Jane Campbell (via Shutterstock).

Outspoken: plumbing millionaire Charlie Mullins. Image by Ms Jane Campbell (via Shutterstock).

This year’s Asian Apprenticeship Awards will be supported by a keynote speaker from the plumbing industry. That of Charlie Mullins, the millionaire founder of Pimlico Plumbers. Brought up on a council estate, he left school to become a plumbing apprentice. Since the age of nine, he had always wanted to be a plumber and, by 1979, founded Pimlico Plumbers.

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A selection of summertime plumbing problems you need to be wary of

Summertime plumbing blues image by Itsajoop (via Shutterstock).

Don’t get caught out this summer: sprinkler problems and clogged cisterns can happen at any time of the year, but summer could also mean smelly sewers. Image by Itsajoop (via Shutterstock).

There is never a good time for plumbing based mishaps. In the winter, frozen pipes could lead to leakage whereas summertime blockages could leave an unpleasant smell in your toilets. They can strike at any time, whether the tarmac’s melting or freezing by Swinton Civic Centre.

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Wish to give your boiler a health check? This summer could be the best time

steam boiler health check image

The Little Chieftain boiler.

At this time of writing, temperatures of 25°C are being recorded around our base in Swinton. With the warm weather, there could be no better time to give your industrial boiler a health check. Why is this week and the rest of the summer months a good time? Here’s why.

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According to a Gloucestershire company, plumbing apprentices could have higher earning potential than graduates

Plumbing apprentices image by Atelier211 (via Shutterstock).

For earning potential, plumbing apprentices have ‘never had it so good’. Image by Atelier211 (via Shutterstock).

Whether we’re driving to work or taking the hoverboard along the East Lancs Road, there will always be a need for plumbers and heating engineers. If you are considering the idea of being an apprentice plumber (or already one yourself), you could be saying hello to a prosperous career. According to a Gloucestershire company, AMG, plumbing apprentices could have higher earning potential than graduates.

Ouch. Especially so if you’ve got tuition fees and student loans to pay back in your first proper postgraduate job. According to a report written last year, plumbing apprentices could earn 270% more than university graduates over their career. If you’ve just left school, this is the best time to consider enrolling for a plumbing apprenticeship.

Apart from learning on the job and block release tuition at a local college, plumbing apprentices are trained in a career that is largely futureproof. The Director of the Apprenticeship Management Group (AMG), John Henry said: “Apprenticeships are not just open to school leavers and people need to know this.

“The apprenticeship reforms including the levy, which came into force in April, has opened so many doors for companies of all sizes as well as for potential employees to train new staff and upskill colleagues across all disciplines.”

If you know someone who wants to get into the wonderful world of heating and plumbing, the National Careers Service website is a good place to start. Or you can find out at your local college or apprenticeship training provider.

ST Heating Services, 06 July 2017.